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What careers / roles are HSPs most drawn to?

( Image by Gino Crescoli - Pixabay)

HSPs often choose roles that use their listening or ‘advisory’ skills and/or their healing abilities. These include teachers, authors, therapists/counsellors, healers, complementary therapists, researchers, HR managers, nurses, doctors, social care and healthcare workers. Others are drawn to the legal, justice or public protection services due to their concerns about social injustice. Many work for charitable organizations, especially those that deal with the mistreatment of children, people, animals and the environment. And many are also business leaders or self employed.

But, of course, HSPs can be found in any job or role, especially if they feel they can rebalance the focus away from domination, aggression or danger back towards peace, compassion and protection – which is why you will often find them working in challenging environments. (Challenging the misconceptions held by less sensitive people that sensitivity is a weakness or a flaw!)


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