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Contact Me:

For any media/press enquiries regarding interviews and appearances in relation to my books please email me at and 'cc' in the relevant persons/publishers below: 

'Positive Affirmations for Sensitive People' - published by Welbeck Balance, please email: or

'The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People'
published by Watkins Publishing, please email:

For any enquires about workshops, speaking events, coaching or training about Highly Sensitive People, Wellbeing, Meditation or Spirituality, please send me a message below or email:
                         Thank you. 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to writing commitments, I won't be doing any private counselling work for the foreseeable future. 

I will still be running workshops and talks in person or via zoom. I will post details on my blog and in my newsletters for subscribers.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of emails I receive,

I am not always able to respond to questions/ emails

individually. I try to cover generic questions through my newsletters.

Thank you for your understanding. x

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