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HSPs & Electromagnetic sensitivity

Our world is being bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies. Some EMFs are natural, such as visible light and the earth’s own magnetic field formed by its liquid metal core, but some are man-made. Electrical equipment radiates low frequency electromagnetic fields, but items such as wireless devices (wifi), mobile phones, computers, microwaves, MRI scanners and x-ray machines, produce high frequency electromagnetic fields as they use radio frequency and radiation. Many HSPs seem to be struggling with electromagnetic sensitivity (also known as ‘microwave sickness’) (For further info on EMF sensitivity please go to - it can cause concentration difficulties, sleep problems, ringing in the ears, allergies, headaches, palpitations, arrhythmias, memory problems, eye problems and fatigue, amongst other symptoms. HSPs can be more susceptible to the effects of EMFs than non-HSPs because of their acute sensory processing sensitivities.


I personally have been struggling with gradual and unexplained health issues for the last ten years, and over that time I have been like a health detective trying to get to the root of what was causing unexplained symptoms, including most of those listed above and more besides. It was only when I visited a friend who lived in a rural area in Spain, that I noticed a massive improvement in my symptoms. I realised there was no wifi and no masts in the area. I slept soundly for the first time in years. But as soon as I came back home, the symptoms started again.

I started wearing an energy dot (which is listed in the back of my HSP Handbook) and it helped a little. But my health issues continued and I had a constant ringing in my ears, major sleep issues and was often dizzy after working on the computer.

Several months ago, I attended a local meeting about the effects of EMF's, and pieces of my health puzzle started to fit together. In the block where I live, all 12 flats have wifi. I decided to buy a handheld EMF reader and when I tested the levels in my flat - the levels were in the red zone and the alarm was beeping like crazy! I spoke to one of the Dr's in my local surgery and he has had other patients who are electromagnetically sensitive. I found some bioprotective systems that have started to make a difference. And I wanted to share those findings with you.

I started off with the Green 8 Gold Large Office/Room Harmoniser

It helps to naturalise the EMF's in working, living and sleeping areas, computer work stations and helps with geopathic stress. (As my flat is right by the side of the river, geopathic stress is highly probable). I usually put it under my chair while I'm working on the computer and under my bed when I go to sleep. To counteract the problems with wi-fi in my flat and from the wifi in the rest of the block, I then purchased The Transformer 22-30 (they also do one for larger houses as you can see in the image below) and this made a huge difference.

It's designed to harmonise wireless communication networks and can be used alongside WLAN/WI-FI for PCs, laptops, terminal equipment at the office and home workstation. I can honestly say it has really helped me, the dizziness has reduced, and the headaches have stopped.

I also wear a body harmoniser pendant.

The company I ordered the products from also do harmonisers for smart phones and for cars too.

The products are made in Germany by a company called Bauer Biotec and they state: 'This technology is based on the 'transformation through information' principle and converts negative to positive polarity. It has been proven by numerous tests such as the Prognosis test conducted by the Institute fur Potentialforschung (research institute) in Vienna and the B.E.S.T system tests.' The company that sells them in the UK is Bio Protective Systems.

If you would like further information on the products listed above or a full list of what they do, you can click on the website address here...

I only ever recommend products that I've tried and tested. I have been impressed with the results so I have set up a practitioner account with the company. Although they have certainly helped me, my recommendation doesn't mean that these products will necessary work for you. (Please read the disclaimer below.)

What I also like is that the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. And their website provides more in-depth information and Bindi, the owner is incredibly helpful.

I hope sharing my experience about EMF sensitivity helps to raise awareness on this issue. And if you have tried any of these products or are using anything else to reduce EMF effects on your person or in your home, please do let me know by adding a comment below.

Mel x

(Disclaimer - NOT HEALTHCARE ADVICE) The products and claims made about specific products on or through this site are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This blog is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. The blog post is provided for informational purposes only. Please consult with a Dr or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. This blog does not recommend self-management of health issues. Consult your healthcare professional promptly should you have any health related questions. Never disregard or delay medical advice based upon information you may have read on this site.

As I have signed up to become a pratitioner, this means I am affiliated with the website mentioned. This means when you click on a link to their site from here and purchase one of their products, I will be paid a small commission. I only recommend products I personally believe in and think will be helpful to you, my readers.)

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Aug 20, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review. I actually had quite a bad experience with Bio Protective Systems. I bought the Green 8 Body Harmonizer Premium just a few days ago. When it arrived the cord was loose so I tied it in a double knot. It quickly came loose so I retied it even more carefully this time, noticing that the cord was already looking a bit frayed. However, the knot seemed very tight so I assumed it would stay tied like a piece of string would. Alas no, the material of the cord is much much lower in friction than string - and the necklace slipped off my neck without me noticing. So, £109 plus shipping cost down th…

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