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Regression Therapy - A Deeper Understanding.

From my professional training in Deep Memory Process/ Regression Therapy with the late Jungian Psychotherapist Dr Roger Woolger, I have come to understand that we, as humans, have had hundreds of lifetimes. Each lifetime gives our soul an opportunity to gain valuable experience; as well as the opportunity to explore an array of emotions, those which society class as both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. From a soul perspective however, there are neither positive nor negative emotions, good or bad ones; just a continuum to experience. In the world of Spirit, we reside in pure unconditional love, so in order to experience other emotions and feelings, a soul has to incarnate into a human body and develop a personality self (called the ego).

Within all souls a whole range of characters exist because they have experienced lifetimes living ‘opposite’ polarities in their journey of duality and soul growth, these archetypal characters can be the Hero and the Villain, the Victim and the Perpetrator or the Virgin and the Seductress, for example.

At the end of each lifetime, the Soul leaves the physical body and returns to the world of Spirit. Any ‘unfinished business’ goes with them in their etheric body (which is one layer in the energy field known as the aura). This unfinished business includes thoughts, feelings or beliefs about what has happened during that life, especially in relation to trauma. The Soul then has the opportunity to reincarnate again to heal any unfinished business in their subsequent life or lives that follow.

Souls also have the opportunity to rebalance any ‘karma’ between themselves and another. Those sayings such as ‘you reap what you show’ and ‘what goes around comes around’ in essence are true, but not in a way that people understand it. Karma is not about punishment, it is a rebalancing process.

Understanding the journey of the Soul and in particular our own gives us a way of healing repeated patterns, irrational phobias and complexes in our current lifetime. A quote by George Santayana reflects this, he says: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’

However, our past lives can also hold clues to our present life purpose and they can also help us to access qualities that we may feel we lack. For example, a Highly Sensitive Person may feel that they have healing abilities but lack the confidence to help others, but in a regression, they may access a past life where they were a medicine man/woman for example and revisit scenes where the tribe members called on him/her for healing and guidance.

That past life character may have strong qualities of confidence and leadership as an elder within the tribe and accessing those Soul energies can help the HSP to overcome their confidence issues in this lifetime.

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