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Are you like a sponge? Discover the importance of energy protection.

We all tend to protect what’s important to us. We take out insurance policies on things like our homes, cars, income and health. We also protect our physical bodies from the effects of the environment by wearing a raincoat or using suncream. Yet few people tend to think about protecting their own energies.

Quantum physics has shown that we are energy beings, and Kirlian photography shows evidence of an energy field surrounding our body. What we don’t often think about is that when we interact with other people we are also interacting with their energies, whether positive or negative. For this reason it is useful for anyone to protect their own energy but it is particularly useful for HSPs on account of their heightened sensitivity.

Learning how to protect your own energy can prove to be one of the most important daily disciplines for an HSP. As HSPs have stronger levels of arousal and a more sensitive nervous system than non-HSPs, with highly attuned antennae, they are constantly transmitting and picking up on subtleties whether they are aware of it or not. HSPs are also highly intuitive and empathic, often being affected by other people’s moods and emotions and absorbing them like sponges.

I advise all HSPs to practise energy clearing and protection on a daily basis if possible as it can be just so beneficial in managing overwhelm. I suggest to my HSP clients that they incorporate the methods when they get dressed in the morning, as none of us forget to put our clothes on! I have learned the hard way in my life, especially when working at the prison, about the effects of not protecting myself energetically as an HSP. Now it is second nature to me to protect myself daily and it has helped me to not be a sponge for other people's energies, emotions and feelings.

For a comprehensive insight into energy protection and for various methods to try, check out chapter 13 of my Handbook for Highly Sensitive People (pages 113-123)

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