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My Professional Background & Qualifications/Trainings  
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Author Bio

Qualifications & Trainings

Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - 02.03. 2005 (CPCAB _ Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) (Integrative including gestalt, body process and transpersonal theory and practice) 

Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling -31.3.2003 (CPCAB)

Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling - 30.01.2002 (CPCAB)

Certificate in Counselling Skills - 30.01.2002 (CPCAB)

Certificate in Counselling Skills - June 2000 WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) 

Certificate of Training - CBT Bootcamp: Building Core Clinical Competencies - April 2009- Dr Christine Padesky 


Certificate in Sexual health Practice, South Devon Sexual Health Training Partnership- Jan-July 2005 The Eddystone Trust

Certificate in Tackling Domestic Violence & Abuse Workshop - Sept 2005

Certificate of Attendance - 2 day Dual Diagnosis Course Nov 2004 - Peninsula DAT training

Certificate of Attendance - 1 day Relapse Prevention Course - May 2003 - Peninsula DAT training

Motivational Interviewing - 3 day Practitioners Training Course Broadreach House

HMP Dartmoor - Drug Awareness Training Jan 2006

HMP Dartmoor - ACCT Case Manager Training (Suicide Awareness) Feb 2006 

HMP Prison Awareness Course - May 2005 

HMP Dartmoor - Diversity Training - June 2004

HMP Dartmoor - Personal Protection Training - Jan 2004

HMP Dartmoor - Hostage 1st on the Scene Training - Sept 2002

ABI Certificate to sell Insurance - Pearl Assurance 1998 - Presented with 'Top Agent Award' in 1998


Business Development Training - Natwest (1988-1998)

Natwest Springboard Course - Women's personal development training (1988-1998)

Holistic Qualifications & Trainings:

Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification Practitioner - The Society of Auricular Acupuncturists (HMP Dartmoor) July 2003

Advanced Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification Practitioner - The Society of Auricular Acupuncturists (HMP Dartmoor)  April 2004 

Reiki - First Degree Usui - April 2003

Reiki - Second Degree Usui - June 2003

Reiki - Third Degree Reiki Master / Practitioner (Usui)- March 2005

Training in Deep Memory Process (Regression Therapy) with Jungian Professor Dr. Roger Woolger - 2005-2011

Accredited Spiritual Healer - Member of British Alliance of Healing Associations - 26.5.2010

(including Meditation practices) 

Tarot Course - The Psychic Study Centre - July 2010 (with honours)

Advanced Tarot Course - The Psychic Study Centre -August 2010 (with distinction) 

I am also a registered member of The Society of Authors (2018 - present)

and DBS checked - April 2023.


Mel spent two thirds of her life hiding her sensitivity and natural intuitive gifts and healing abilities, mainly because the high sensitivity trait wasn't recognised or understand by herself or those around her. For twenty-two years she worked in the corporate world. She had mainstream careers that included working in the Banking and Insurance Industries, and the Education sector. She spent her last ten years working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the first two years counselling prisoners with substance misuse issues and the last eight years as a Prison Governor managing the Drug & Alcohol Services department. (This included CARATS (Drug team), P-ASRO (Prisons addressing substance related offending team), Voluntary & Mandatory Drug Testing, Supply & Reduction, Drug Dog section and line managing 30 members of staff). During this time she went through her own profound personal and spiritual development journey to reclaim her authentic self. She was guided to specialise in working with HSPs and train alongside her prison work in holistic therapies and this now forms the foundation of her work and writing today.  


                                    - About Mel and her book                                             

Jeremy Vine - BBC Radio 2 Presenter, Broadcaster & Journalist:

"Until I met Mel Collins and read this book I wasn’t sure what an HSP was. Now I’m convinced that we Highly Sensitive People are such a well- defined bunch we should form our own trade union.

We can get relief by understanding our high sensitivity and by learning to view it as a gift rather than a flaw – which is where this great book comes in. Thank you Mel for writing about it, and for coming on my radio show and changing the lives of so many of my listeners."

 July 2018

Heading 5

William Meader, US author, international lecturer and teacher of esoteric philosophy

Mel's book is a major contribution to the subject of intuitive sensitivity and its relationship to the evolution of human consciousness. It provides an insightful and instructive understanding of this profound subject, and the various other experiences that often accompany it. Filled with a rich assortment of helpful tools, it is a must-read. 

Alan Dudley, retired Principal Officer, HM Prison Service.
I have known Mel for 17 years and she brings light and energy in all that she does. This book is an extension of that and will bring a huge insight to thousands of people. 

Haydn Evans, Integrated Substance Misuse Service Manager
and former prison officer

I had the privilege of working with Mel in a prison setting. I witnessed her amazing ability to empower some of the most difficult clients to make positive changes in their lives. I truly believe her book will have a positive effect on many people. 

Juanita Puddifoot, international transpersonal counsellor, council member of Woolger Training International and chief trainer for Europe of Deep Memory Process (

Congratulations to Mel for publishing this book to help others deal with the issues that come from being ‘highly sensitive’ at a time when there is so much fear and uncertainty about the future, and so many people are struggling to make sense and find purpose in their lives. 

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