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HSPs & Deep Memory Process -the ten main patterns/themes in Regression Therapy.

During the last ten years I have noticed certain ‘themes’ developing with HSP clients who have come for regression therapy. They have come to find the answers to unexplained fears, irrational thoughts and present day problems. As a result of my own research, the top ten most common past life themes and their possible causes affecting the lives of HSPs today appear to be:

*Insecurity and Abandonment Fears: these have resulted from past lives where they have literally been abandoned or orphaned; they may have experienced being separated from loved ones because of crisis, battles, wars etc.

*Lack of self-love, self-worth: This is usually linked to lifetimes of feeling ‘different’ to others and not fitting in. They have been seen as 'the Outsider’ and have therefore lived solitary lives through choice or have been forced to live outside of society by those who misunderstood their gifts and abilities.

*Depression/ Low energy: this can be a result of losing a loved one in a past life, unresolved grief, past life suicides or feelings of despair.

*Deeply ingrained guilt: this can be the result of past lives where they have been responsible for another person's accident/death or for making a ‘wrong’ decision.

*Loss of Power: this can be the result of carrying guilt due to making wrong decisions. However, in their past life history HSPs have also misused their power, their psychic gifts or abilities either in retaliation or for personal gain. Therefore in subsequent lives they subconsciously find ways to lose their power so this wont happen again.

*Abuse: physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse in past lives. These lifetimes often have unresolved feelings around powerlessness and unexpressed rage. There is also a link to past lives around torture.

*Fear (including phobias and anxiety disorders) are usually caused by past life traumas including drowning, being burnt to death or buried alive.

*Fighting for justice: due to having many past lives of persecution for their religious or spiritual beliefs, many HSPs continue to ‘fight’ against authority or injustices that trigger these old soul wounds. Many feel ‘battle-weary’ in this life and are tired of ‘having to fight’ for what’s right, the truth etc.

*Chronic Health issues: can be cellular memories of injuries, accidents or deaths that have remained unhealed in the astral body.

*Family /Relationship difficulties: these are often linked to issues around power and betrayal or karmic imbalances that need to be settled.

HSPs can heal these soul wounds and deeply engrained patterns that are been affecting them lifetime after lifetime, through the transformational work of regression/ Deep Memory Process in therapy.

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