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Mel Collins


  Answering The Call

There is an awakening occurring in the hearts and minds of those who remember her essence. Her energies have been rooted in the fertile soil of our souls for over two thousand years and have been growing steadily into conscious awareness. But the time has come for these energies to blossom fully, like a ‘Sacred Rose’ in the hearts of humanity.
There is a collective who have heard her and are answering the call.
This collective is ‘The Magdalene Movement,’ also known as ‘The Magdalene Path,’ or ‘The Path of the Chalice.’

Mary Magdalene’s archetypal energy is beginning to rise again like a phoenix from the flames. From a spiritual perspective, the archetypal energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have been represented in Western society by the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
Both of them had the same energetic vibration despite Jesus representing its form in a masculine body and Mary Magdalene in a feminine body. They both represented the integration and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies personified to bring about the Christ Consciousness.
This consciousness cannot take place until the Divine Feminine energies are reinstated into the world. When this shift occurs, we will live a more heart-centered existence in unity with one another.

So who was Mary Magdalene and why is her energy emerging now?

She has been portrayed in early Christian history as a former prostitute who was reported to have had seven demons cast out of her. The ‘prostitute’ label was made by Pope Gregory in 591 CE, but this declaration was rescinded in 1969 by the Catholic Church, as there was no historical truth to his claims.


When the Gospel of Mary of Magdala came to light in the late 19th century along with other Gnostic texts, it was discovered that Mary Magdalene was the Apostle of the Apostles, a spiritual leader, and the beloved partner of Jesus.

After his crucifixion, the patriarchal masculine energy controlled and dominated the ages resulting in the denunciation and repression of the Divine Feminine energies over the centuries to follow.


In present times, this repression has been reflected in the archetypal wounding of the heart, closing the masculine off from the world of feelings; and with the archetypal wounding of the feminine, closing itself off from power. Both sexes have shut down vital spiritual expressions of themselves.


It is the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within oneself, which will bring about the change in conscious awareness for humanity, and this is why her energies are now coming to light.

Answering the Call of The Magdalene …

As a channel for Spirit and the Angelic realms, I was instructed  to write down a series of messages from Mary Magdalene. One of the first was about the significance of the sacred rose that symbolizes her energy:

‘Roses are the flowers of love. Mine is the golden rose, for I work on the vibration of the Christ consciousness, in balance and in harmony with my beloved Yeshua.


There is much misunderstanding about my role and our relationship together, one that needs to be brought to light so the sacred balance between the masculine and the feminine can come back into alignment.’

The next message was about the ‘Magdalene Movement’ in more detail:

‘I AM MARY MAGDALENE. I speak to you today bringing forth a message of love.
Let my words flow through you, like a gentle river running back to its source. My words flow to the source of love that resides within your heart chakra. Each beat of your heart is aligned to the heartbeat of the divine source/I AM presence.
Therefore, the divine love of the Mother Father God beats deeply in the centre of your being at all times. This ‘cosmic heartbeat’ sees you merging like a note within the symphony of love’s vibration. You are all part of this harmonic frequency, each of you a note playing in this great orchestra. Each note on its own is unique, but each note added together forms an exquisite collaboration that lifts and ascends those who are open to listening, to a higher plane.
Each of you have spent many years in isolation or feeling alone, but your note (your vibration) has brought many shifts to those around you. But we are now joining all of your individual notes together, to form a grid of light and vibrational frequency where the harmonies and collaboration of all of you, will form a new tune: a pure vibrational musical masterpiece that will aid the awakening and ascension of humanity.
In the past, each of you looked towards a ‘conductor’ to instruct you of your place within this orchestra, but now a conductor is not needed, as the alignment and joining together of all of your ‘notes’ creates a tune that has already been composed by the Creator.
You only need to come together now to enable others to hear the tune and its unique message.’

Coming together...

In her message, we can see that it is now time for us to come together, all of us who feel our deep connection to her or the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, where she was a high initiate of the Goddess Isis.

Most of those who are answering the call of The Magdalene Movement have been going through their own transformative journeys to heal their deepest wounds and integrate the divine energies within themselves.

Mary Magdalene is asking you to rise up out of the flames like a phoenix, and join her to bring about an awakening shift in consciousness as part of The Magdalene Movement. Will you be a part of answering the call?

Workshops and Talks

I run a one day workshop to connect with Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine Energies. I also give public talks about 'The Magdalene Movement'.

To arrange to hold a workshop or give a talk at a venue near you, please email me via the contact page.


Thank you.  


"I was originally drawn to the Mary Magdalene CD as I felt I was lacking the ability to connect deeply with myself beyond the space gained by previous meditations. Since discovering the strength of my own feminine energy with the help of Mel I have been intrigued more than ever to look into topics of persecution, self-doubt, isolation and worthlessness. As a HSP these emotions have plagued me since my teen years and left me feeling often in despair and in unimaginable dark places. Though these meditations however, the energy of Mary helped conjure feelings of strength and compassion within myself, something I have desperately needed to uncover for so long. From the first cycle of the meditations I felt old wounds and fears reopen and finally start to heal. The clarity and connectivity between my heart and mind became less muffled and although I was often bought to tears, they were of both of release and joy. I think it takes a level of bravery to turn the mirrors we own inwards, but when you have the guidance and support created through the image of a figure bound in both femininity and power the process turns into more of an emotional adventure."

Sophia, HR Manager and Yoga Teacher


Karen Mathews, Devon.

'Thank you so much for the most beautiful Mary Magdalene Meditation!  Words cannot do justice to the loving, gentle yet powerful energies around us that day. It took me to a level of experiences, feelings and visions I have never felt or seen before.  


The energy is utterly beautiful and remains with me.  

I have attended your workshops, healing and past life regression therapy and the angelic energy of powerful love and gentleness is all enveloping. You are an amazing spiritual teacher!'

Mona, Devon

'I took part in Mel's Mary Magdelane workshop.  I had the most brilliant experience where I felt so connected to the energies coming through,  it was most definitely  a life enhancing experience.  Mel brings/channels in the most amazing angelic energies into a beautiful healing space for all who took part.  Thank you - I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be returning for future workshops'.

2019-04-10 (4).png

Writing a book and running retreats in France on Mary Magdalene

My vision is to write a book about t2he Magdalene Movement and her sacred sites in France. 
I also want to run retreats there in the future for those who are hearing her call.
If her channelled messages resonate with you and you would like to make a donation to support the projects please click on the button below.
It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you x  
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