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Self-Love: Learning to love yourself is the key to loving others and having others love you. With the help and support of the Archangels, this Meditation CD takes you on the Heart's journey to find inner happiness and recalim your true Self through love and acceptance. There are three guided Meditations: 
1. The Celestial Scales of Balance with Archangel Chamuel and the Pink Ray of Love (18.05)
2. The Pool of Purification with Archangel Gabriel and the White Ray of Compassion (13.49)
3. The Crystal Pyramid Meditation with Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Green ray of Healing (13.45)






The background music used on both these CDs is by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, Licensed by ‘


(PLEASE NOTE: These CDs are not a substitute for medical care, if you are dealing with any mental or emotional health issues, please seek advice from your Doctor before listening to the CDs. Meditations should not be listened to whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.)

Learning to love yourself CD

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