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Learning how to protect their energy is one of the most important daily disciplines for Essensitives.  As they have stronger levels of arousal, a more sensitive nervous system and a highly attuned psychic antennae, they are constantly transmitting and picking up on subtleties whether they are consciously aware of it or not.  
Essensitives are kind hearted and highly empathic. Other people’s moods and emotions affect them greatly and they can end up absorbing these energies like psychic sponges. This can easily leave them feeling saturated, drained, overwhelmed or burnt out energetically. For these reasons, a daily meditation ritual of clearing and protecting their energy fields is essential.


Track 1 : What is a sensitive person?
Track 2- The Angels of Protection - (This track will be the free download one if they sign up to newsletter)
Track 3- The six pointed Star of Protection (alternative method)
Track 4- Cleansing the chakras with Archangel Michael and the Angels of Purification
Track 5- Cleansing the aura with the silver shower of light
Track 6- Cleansing the aura with the violet flame (alternative method)


The background music used on both these CDs is by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, Licensed by ‘


(PLEASE NOTE: These CDs are not a substitute for medical care, if you are dealing with any mental or emotional health issues, please seek advice from your Doctor before listening to the CDs. Meditations should not be listened to whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.)

Angelic Protection for Sensitive People CD

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