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Have you been told repeatedly that you are 'too sensitive', or that you should 'stop taking things to heart'?


Do you experience emotions or feelings to a much stronger or deeper extent than others seem to?

Are you a deeply reflective person?

Are you highly empathic - but seem to absorb other people's emotions like a sponge?  

Are you highly intuitive and able to pick up on subtleties that others are unaware of?

Do you get overwhelmed when around large groups of people and need to withdraw?  

Then you might be an HSP!


1 in 5 people (approx 1.4 billion globally) are born with the trait of high sensitivity.


Hi, I’m Mel. I'm a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, complementary therapist and author.

I'm also an HSP!

I've specialized in working with Highly Sensitive People and Empaths for the last twenty years. Before this, I worked in Her Majesty’s Prison Service (as it was then) – including eight years as a prison governor managing Substance Misuse Services.                                

Being innately sensitive in a challenging prison setting has given me an incredible learning experience - but it was also the reason why I needed to understand the high sensitivity trait better and find coping strategies to manage it more effectively.          

As a result of my personal and professional journey and two decades of client work and research, I was invited to speak on BBC Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine. I have subsequently written two books about the trait so I could share with others the knowledge of what I learnt along the way. I have also been interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC London and BBC Scotland. My books have also been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers (as shown below).     

     I now offer talks, workshops and training about Highly Sensitive People to groups, businesses and organisations. 

If you'd like me to speak at your event, please email

I also offer Mind, Body, Spirit workshops/talks on personal and spiritual development, meditation and wellbeing.      


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(Tips & Strategies for Managing Overarousal)

Click here to download


The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People

Do you want to transform feeling overwhelmed and frazzled to feeling more empowered and fulfilled in this non-sensitive world?

Do you want a deeper understanding about the trait and ways of managing your sensitivity better?

Do you want to share your amazing qualities of empathy, compassion, healing, creativity and intuition with the world?


If you've answered YES to the questions above, this Handbook is for you. 

The Handbook includes an holistic  self-assessment tick-list of the main indicators of the trait, It acknowledges the key qualities and gifts of HSPS. It provides a comprehensive insight into some of the challenges of being an HSP and explores a wide range of practical coping strategies to manage the trait more effectively. These include  transforming people-pleasing patterns, developing self-love and self-worth practices, the 'cycle of change' for HSPs who  use substances to 'numb out' and the 'cycle of change' used in addiction services,  boundary setting, Tapping/ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and energy protection.

Foreword by Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine - BBC Radio 2 Presenter, Broadcaster & Journalist:

"We can get relief by understanding our high sensitivity and by learning to view it as a gift rather than a flaw – which is where this great book comes in. Thank you Mel for writing about it, and for coming on my radio show and changing the lives of so many of my listeners."

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    Positive Affirmations for Sensitive People

If you've been told that you're 'too sensitive' and that 'you should stop taking things to heart', or if your sensitivity is perceived as a weakness or a flaw, then this book is for you.

Featuring over 100 positive affirmations to help anyone embrace their sensitivity and recognise it as a gift and a strength, this little book can be used as a simple daily prompt to self-acceptance and self-love.


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