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Learning to Love Yourself

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If you are unsure whether you are a Highly Sensitive Person, the following tick list has been developed as a self-help tool to help you recognise if you are one. It incorporates the holistic aspects of the sensitivity trait - including the spiritual. (You can also use...

We have had hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes. Each lifetime gives our Soul an opportunity to gain valuable experience; as well as the opportunity to explore an array of emotions, those which society class as both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. From a Soul perspective...

Everyone has one, right? That harsh inner voice that criticizes, judges or berates you. The one that gives you a hard time or says you are a failure, that you’re not good enough or successful enough and the voice that makes you feel stupid if you make a mistake. The in...

There are times when people instinctively know that they just don’t feel ‘right’. But for people who are naturally sensitive this feeling is more often a consistent one, as they tend to be more vulnerable to other people’s energies and outside influences. 

So how do you...

During the last ten years I have noticed certain ‘themes’ developing with HSP clients who have come for regression therapy. They have come to find the answers to unexplained fears, irrational thoughts and present day problems. As a result of my own research and records...

Many HSPs, like myself feel a deep connection to Angels. From a spiritual perspective, we are termed 'Highly Sensitive Souls' (HSS). According to the Angels, if someone is highly ‘SENSE’ itive it means that their natural psychic and intuitive abilities are more finely...

One of the main questions I get asked when running my Angel Workshops is:

‘How do I know when Angels are around me?’ 

There are many ways that they make their presence felt. The five listed below are the most common ways that they do this.

 1) White feathers suddenly app...

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