Your Inner Compass

When we find ourselves in the darkness, not knowing what to do or where to turn, remember that there is a compass within you. This inner compass has been programmed to guide you to towards the Light. There are many names for this compass, most refer to it as their Higher Self, their Soul or their intuition, But to use this compass effectively, we have to learn how to quieten the voice of the Ego (personality self) that is attuned to fear and listen with our heart.

The path from darkness to light, from emotional pain to liberation is found by tuning into our inner compass. It helps us to find our way, it is also our direct connection to Spirit. This inner compass directs us from feeling LOST, an acronym which to me means ‘Losing Our Spirit Temporarily’ and guides us to our 'CORE ‘ another one of my acronyms for 'Carries Our Real Essence’.

Spirit can also help you to understand that the darkest corridor could prove to be a pathway to the brightest light.

Life is like a catapult, it can stretch us to the extreme, it even has the potential to break us. Our survival instincts either lead us to keep going, drop out or hold on so tightly that we are afraid to let go. But what if we knew that there was an unseen force holding us securely when life stretches us to the extreme; this same force holds the reasons why you’ve been stretched so much, so it can release you to fly further than you ever thought possible?

That unseen force asks us to TRUST that there is a reason why we experience the things that life throws at us, even if we don’t know why from an Ego perspective, we can be assured that our Soul knows our life plan. These experiences that pull us back or down the most, give us the ability to propel forward into the greatest light. You only have to look around to see people who have been taken to the depths of darkness, for example through trauma, illness, and bereavements and used the pain or experience to create something positive from it for themselves and for helping others.

So how do we connect to Spirit, to the Light within?

One of the best and easiest ways is through meditation. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, place your hand on your heart and bring your awareness there. The heart is the gateway. Listen, breathe, connect, allow, trust, for your Spirit will always show you the way. xx

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