A channelled message for Easter:

'Seek and ye shall find Beloved One. I AM Mary Magdalene and I come forth with a message for all those who are open to hear.

Look deep into the flames, feel yourself being pulled into the inexplicable place within the flame. For here you will find all that you seek.

Humanity only touches on the essence held within the flame. Most feel but a slithering of its potency when it is ignited within the sacral chakra and they feel the energies of desire that are ignited from its essence.

But I wish to speak today about seeking this flame within the heart chakra and igniting the feelings of joy, love and bliss.

This flame is an inner Source, it is not found outside of oneself. It is a place deep within the heart centre that forms a bridge of light, a bridge of consciousness to the energies of Spirit. This flame of Spirit is the only true source of all that you seek.

Each of you has the opportunity to seek this flame during your lifetime. First, it must be found on an individual level. For those of you who are then ready to form a mystical union with another Soul, within the flesh of a human body, this sacred flame can be ignited to a much higher level in order to experience the God Force energy within.

At the sacral level, this union brings a momentary feeling of this transcendent energy of bliss through the experience of an orgasm. But in raising the flame within the heart chakra through sacred sexual union, will this feeling build a more everlasting feeling of the God Force energy within you.

It is like connecting two conduits together to enhance the flow.

Many of you have not been in relationship for a long time, you have been in preparation for many years. This has been part of your initiation training, We have had to clear out energies from old relationships to get you ready, to bring the light through you when the union occurs. Your journey will truly start from this point. The past will seem unimportant to you all.

Take our love, your sister Maryam x

(Copyright Mel Collins 2017. Please note, these messages can be shared in their entirety, linking to my website and Author name, but cannot be used for other purposes without my written permission. These messages will form the foundations of a book on Mary Magdalene in the future. Thank you.)

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