Most Sensitives are drawn to Crystals because of their healing properties. Many people wear them as jewellery; use them in meditation or to balance their chakras.

People often ask which crystals are the best for connecting to the Angelic Realms, so here is a list of the top ten:

1) CELESTITE: This beautiful pale blue, high vibrational crystal radiates with angelic and divine energies. It's perfect for making contact with the Angels and leaping forward with one's spiritual development.

2) ANGELITE: A deeper blue than Celestite, this crystal, like its name suggests facilitates conscious contact with the Angelic realms.

3) SELENITE: is pale white or translucent in colour and perfect for opening the crown chakra to access higher guidance from the Angels. It also helps to connect you with your Soul purpose. Fishtail Selenite is also known as Angel's Wing.

4) MANGANO (PINK) CALCITE: This delicate light pink crystal connects to the Angels through the Heart Chakra and has a wonderful loving energy to it.

5) SERAPHINITE: is a green crystal that appears to have feathery wings etched into it. As its name suggests ‘Seraphim’ vibrates at a high level in Angelic Realms. It is also a stone of spiritual enlightenment and is perfect to use in meditation by placing it on the Heart or Third Eye Chakra.

6) LARIMAR: this blue/white crystal is very ethereal; it facilitates contact with the Angelic Realms and can be used to help clear Spirit Attachments in rescue work alongside Archangel Michael.

7) PETALITE: is known as the 'Angel Stone' and can open one up to angelic consciousness. It is also a powerful stone for healing ancestral or family issues.

8) PHENACITE: this colourless crystal has an extremely high vibration and it helps to contact the Ascended Masters as well as the Angelic Realms. It is also a crystal that imparts information from one's Akashic record and activates the Light Body.

9) TANZANITE: this lavender-blue crystal (also known as Zoisite) links people to their Angels and Spirit Guides especially when used in meditation. It helps one reach a deep inner knowingness.

10) BLUE TOPAZ: because of its beautiful blue colour, this crystal can be placed on the throat chakra to help with communication. Its vibrational frequencies connect with the Angels of Truth and therefore it helps to facilitate self expression with integrity.

If you find you are drawn to any of the crystals listed above, why not visit your nearest crystal shop and choose the one you are most drawn to, however it is often said that crystals 'choose us!'

Remember to cleanse/clear your crystal before use; smudging with sage is an easy way to do it. Place it in sunlight or moonlight (especially a New Moon) to charge it and then dedicate your crystal to connect with its healing energies.

You can dedicate your crystal by calling on the Angels and saying out loud: 'I dedicate this crystal to strengthening my connection to the Angelic Realms. May it be filled with Angelic Light, Healing and Guidance, and so it is.'

Angel Blessings everyone!

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