Angel Messages...

Many HSPs, like myself feel a deep connection to Angels. From a spiritual perspective, we are termed 'Highly Sensitive Souls' (HSS). According to the Angels, if someone is highly ‘SENSE’ itive it means that their natural psychic and intuitive abilities are more finely attuned to their other senses: the ability to feel, hear, see, touch, smell and know. And therefore, their biological systems have been adapted psychically to hold these finer vibrational frequencies.

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) belong to certain Soul groups, one of which is strongly linked to the Angelic Realms. (Although there may be no conscious awareness of that connection once they have incarnated.)

For HSS, the inner calling to bring Light into the Darkness, to help people or make a difference in this World is programmed deep in their psyches. But many HSPs/HSS's are still in slumber and have not awakened to their mission.

This is an angel message for these Souls:

‘Sensitives, the time has come for you all to reawaken and stand in your Power: the power of who you TRULY are. Remember who you are in your essence, believe and respect your own gifts and abilities during your Soul’s journey in this lifetime. Reconnect, reawaken and stand in the energy of Love, step away from the energy of fear that keeps you small, for you are Beings of Light. Let us guide you, so you walk with gentle assurance, our wings of protection wrapped around you so that nothing can deter you from your chosen path. Trust in us, trust in yourself and see yourself through the eyes of Angels.’

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