5 signs that Angels are close by

One of the main questions I get asked when running my Angel Workshops is:

‘How do I know when Angels are around me?’

There are many ways that they make their presence felt. The five listed below are the most common ways that they do this.

1) White feathers suddenly appear:

These are a sign that the Angels are with you and have heard your prayers.

2) The temperature around you changes:

A lot of my workshop attendees report a change in the room temperature when we call the Angels in during the meditation sessions. When I’m giving Angelic Healing sessions, there is a often a feeling of warmth as the Angels surround the person on the healing couch.

3) Feeling tingles, Goosebumps (or Angelbumps as I call them!) and sensations on your body:

The Angels use all your different senses to make you aware of their presence. The sensation of having a spider web on your face can also be another way of letting you know that the Angels are comforting you. I know the Angels are trying to get my attention when I feel ticking sensations on the top of my head or on my nose!

4) Hearing a loud pitched tone in one ear:

This is a sign that the Angels are ‘downloading’ angelic guidance to you. It is very different from having tinnitus!

5) Seeing flashes of coloured light or orbs out of the corner of your eye:

This is another way to show when they are near you. Many people capture Angelic orbs on camera when they are taking pictures of their loved ones or when they are in places of nature.

The two photographs below show angelic orbs that I caught on camera. The first picture shows them with my beautiful Labrador, Nero and the other orb appeared when I was out walking in nature and asking the Angels for some guidance.

There are so many other ways that the Angels will let you know when they are near, all of which will feel positive, uplifting and loving. Why not ask the Angels for a sign now and see what happens!

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